Al-One’s ‘Talk of the Town’ EP free at!

You can find it here.

Al-One Talk of the Town EP release party tonight!

Illmaculate vs. 9DM

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Sapient X LRG “Use This Ark” preview

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Sapient has teamed up with LRG to bring you “Use This Ark”. The song will be available for free download Friday, June 3rd.

New illmaculate battles!

Illmaculate & Thesaurus VS Sketch Menace & Nebula
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Illmaculate VS. Respek BA
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Illmaculate VS. Flexplicit pt. 1
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Illmaculate VS. Flexplicit pt. 2
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Bridge City Battle V Highlights
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Al-One’s Talk of the Town EP drops June 7th!

From Al-One;

“Talk of the town will be available June 7th. Available on for free as well as for sale on itunes / cdbaby for those who wanna support. All profits from the album will go into my full length project which remains untitled but will be released In July.”

The Green Tape Release Party in Seattle!

Sapient’s Letterhead Remix — Support Revok!

If you follow the West Coast Graffiti scene to any extent, you know the name Revok. The L.A.-based writer that goes by that moniker was arrested last week and is facing 180 days in jail and possible felony charges. This hit home for Sapient, himself a graff writer that copped a felony for his art in 2002. In an effort to contribute what he can, Sapient is formally releasing his graffiti-themed anthem “Letterhead (Remix)” and donating 100% of profits to Revok’s legal defense fund. The track features fellow crew member Illmaculate & Seattle’s finest Macklemore and is currently available for digital download on iTunes.

Click to purchase off iTunes

Illmaculate & G_Force’s Green Tape review


“…Illmaculate took this opportunity to evolve. The soulful building blocks of the new disc elicit a few love songs from the Portland MC, who is still best known for his rap-battle prowess—though both “Just 4 Me” (one of two cuts featuring excellent vocals from J-Rome) and the OnlyOne collaboration “2 Much” are really too emotionally mature and analytical to be tossed in the same dumpster as tracks like Enrique Iglesias’ “I’m Fuckin’ You.” In fact, over the album’s first eight tracks (the disc ends with a healthy dose of bravado), Illmac’s are only thin excuses for self-examination and deep probes of the human condition.”

Read the rest of the review here, but don’t forget to download your own copy of The Green Tape over at

Sandpeople selecting beats for new album!

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Sapient brings out some heaters for consideration on the next Sandpeople album, and shares a couple stories as well.

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