AboveGround Magazine interviews Debaser

Debaser recently took some time away from crushing everything to answer some questions from the AboveGround folks. Topics of converstation include Sandpeople, who they consider peers, and of course… groupies;

AG: If one of the Sandpeople members was going to make the mistake of sleeping with this Kat Stacks mess, who would it be?

Sapient & Ethic: Mo-b”

Can I third that? You can read the rest here.

P.I.M.B. Interviews Debaser

From Potholes In My Blog;

P.I.M.B.: Talk about the title for the album, Peerless. Where did this come from?

Sapient: The title is def on some braggadocio shit, and that’s not really fueled by our arrogance, more just pointing out the inferiority of everyone else. So much basic music, dumb rappers…they are not our peers. Not all of our music is on this tip, but Debaser is definitely an outlet for that. There’s a time and place for everything, here and now is for Debaser.”

They also do some song breakdowns from the album after the interview, which you can peep in it’s entirety here.

The Prime interview with TheMashUp

Spotted at 2dopeboyz.

Sandpeople interview with Planet Urban

PlanetUrban has posted up an interview covering topics from battling to the creative process of a 10 member group;

ILLmaculate and TheSaurus are both battle tested emcees, do you guys ever battle or spar amongst each other?

OnlyOne: I have battled IAME and M-OB, also Sape and Illmaculate in a two on two against Al-One and I. We got crushed.”

The OnlyOne & Al-One vs. Sapient & Illmac battle is one of the greatest things I have filmed that you will probably never see, I’m going to have to write about it sometime. You can read the rest of the interview with Planet Urban here.

BHH interviews Sandpeople

BritishHipHop.co.uk just posted up an interview they did with IAMe, Gold, and Ethic. Topics inlude the groups origin, childhoods, Portland’s hiphop scene, and of course, starwars;

“Wookieepedia, the online Star Wars encyclopedia, describes Sand People as “a culture of nomadic, primitive sentients… often hostile to local settlers” does that sum you guys up or can you give us a better definition?

IAME: Thats pretty on point.

Gold: What is Star Wars?

Ethic: Someone really created something called Wookieepedia? But, yea, the definition is suitable.”

You can read the rest here.

iHipHop Interview

The folks over at iHipHop.com just posted up an interview with Ethic and Illmaculate;
iHipHop.com: Is it difficult at times working with so many different MC’s?

Ethic: Nah, Illmaculate and me just call the shots basically…
Illmaculate: [Laughing]…

Ethic: Typically we say, “Jump,” and everyone else says, “How high?” So it just moves smoothly from there…

iHipHop.com: [Laughing]… So you two are the bosses?

Ethic: [Laughing]… For all intensive purposes, yeah…

Illmaculate: [Laughing]… I need that answer in BOLD!”
You can read the rest here.

Champion Sound interviews Ethic & illmaculate

Champion Sound just posted up an interview with Ethic & Illmac. Topics include touring, Long Story Short…, and the mainstream. Then there’s this gem;

ClosedFrequency: Where did the name for the group “Sandpeople” come from?

Ethic: Its probably, in all honesty, the least substantial thing about us.”

Read the rest here.

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