Illmaculate – ‘Skrill Talk’ Out Now!

Illmaculate’s highly anticipated “Skrill Talk” is finally here!  Buy it on amazon today!

6 Responses to “Illmaculate – ‘Skrill Talk’ Out Now!”

  1. depatru says:

    How do I get it outside US?

  2. No Effex says:

    is Illmac gonna release a combo pack of a physical CD with Merch to go with it?

  3. Mark says:


    It’s available on bandcamp now too, I’m in Australia and I copped it this morning (and it’s dope, needless to say!)

  4. depatru says:

    @Mark thanks!

  5. TheDealer1228 says:

    @No Effex Illmac told me that there will be a physical edition, he just doesn’t know when. I’m impatiently waiting for it to drop because I don’t have money to buy it twice :/

  6. Mark says:

    Yo, Illmaculant
    This video of lay it down is saying its some other artist, you might wanna slap a bitch.