Free Album: Debaser – Back To Work

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“Three years ago Debaser wriggled their way up through the sands of the underground to the surface, surprising both the critics covering hip-hop and the rap fans who listened to it with the quality of their music. Sapient’s production embraced both familiar hip-hop forms and instrumentation outside the norm, while Ethic’s rap had the style and confidence of a well experienced hip-hop artist as opposed to a relative newcomer. Being part of Oregon’s Sandpeople crew clearly sharpened the skills of both men long before the first Debaser album hit stores, but a stunned Jordan Selbo was still forced to proclaim their debut represented “a group transcending the current standards of the genre, concerned not so much with bringing it back as with moving it along.” Thus the stage was set for Ethic and Sapient to be a modern day Guru and Premier, much beloved and often underrated, an outstanding team that musically and lyrically complimented each other perfectly.”
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You can view the tracklist and stream/download the album here. If you can’t wait two clicks, hit the download link.

UPDATE: For those of you that downloaded before 11:45am Pacific time you may have noticed you were missing the song “Do Proper” download that here(Right click -> Save Target As) The above download link for the whole album has been fixed and now includes the song. Sorry!

UPDATE #2: Some of you reported that “Do Proper” wasn’t working in iTunes. The download has been fixed for both the single download and the album download links. iTunes users rejoice!
Shouts to Potholes In My Blog for featuring the album today! blldat!

4 Responses to “Free Album: Debaser – Back To Work”

  1. Anonymous says:

    That review doesn't even mention that the album is available for FREE download…???

  2. E. Lit says:

    Downloaded the "Do Proper" song after not getting it in the original download, but doesn't seem to want to open in my iTunes. :( Same thing happens when I re-download the complete album, though all the other tracks work. Argh!

  3. Sandpeople says:

    Sorry! it played fine in all other players, all downloads are fixed now. Do Proper works in iTunes!-Dast

  4. E. Lit says:

    Dope! Thanks!