Debaser taking over the internets! says;

“Debaser—the group’s name itself meaning to tear down or degrade—is right to brag. Not only is the duo the most heralded of the Portland-based, 10-member crew Sandpeople’s offshoot groups, it also contains Sandpeople’s chief beatsmith, Sapient. A skilled MC with an even greater knack for hip-hop production, Sapient, known to his parents as Marcus Williams, is in hip-hop not just to satisfy his own hunger, but to put food on the table (he raps about his wife and young daughter on Debaser’s “Results”). Williams’ hustle has paid off. “I’d put [Sapient] against any successful, nationally or globally recognized producer,” Bauer says. “He can hang with them.””

Portland Mercury says;

“FOLLOWING UP a classic release is a challenge for any musician. No matter your next move, there are those who will say it just doesn’t measure up. For Portland hiphoppers Ethic and Sapient—members of the Sandpeople crew who together are known as Debaser—that challenge is met and matched with their newly pressed disc, Peerless.”

The Grouch of Living Legends says;

“If you haven’t grabbed it yet, you should.”

So what are you waiting for? And if you have it already, go tell us how dope it is in our forums!

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