AboveGround Magazine lets YOU review ‘Peerless’

From AboveGroundMagazine.com;

“After our interview with Debaser, Sapient let us know that he wasn’t too thrilled with our review of their album. Rather than just telling him tough luck and moving on, we decided, why not make it interesting?

We agreed to let you, our readers, get a sneak peak at the new Debaser album, in it’s entirety, and give it your own grade. We rated this album a 13.00 out of a possible 20.00, a decent grade, but Sape thinks they deserve better.

Now it’s your turn. Take a listen, and let us know how you rank Peerless (out of a possible 20.00 total). Our score won’t change, but we still want to know how you feel. Oh yeah, and there might even be some prizes for those who participate.”

What are you waiting for? Go post your review!

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