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Off of Sapient’s ‘Famine Friends’ album which you can download for free here.

Free Album: Sapient – Famine Friends

Famine Friends is Sapient’s response to the “famine” occurring in the field of indie music – his response is naturally a flood of content. Upholding his promise to “make more”, Sape brings you another album, showcasing his uncanny consistency as an emcee and producer, in hopes to raise the standard of DIY music…if diamonds were free, why pay for garbage? Produced entirely by Sapient, and accompanied by three music videos, Famine Friends is a FREE gift to the heads, and a “fuck you” to the majors.
Check out the Famine Friends page here, or hit the button below for the direct download.

Famine Friends also has a couple music videos supporting it’s release;
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What other crew gave you 3 free albums this year? If you’d like to help support the movement take some time and browse our online store or look us up on iTunes!

3 albums in 3 months!

Sapient, and Debaser will be releasing three albums in three months for free download.

Sept. 1st Sapient: Make Morphine – The Remixes – A remix of Sapient’s entire album Make More. Features production by Rev. Shines (of Lifesavas), Budo, Simple (of Sandpeople), Oldominion veterans Mr. Hill, Smoke & Pale Soul plus many more. A different producer for each song!

Oct. 1st Debaser: Back to Work – A long awaited follow-up to Crown Control. This free download will give you a taste of what they’ve been working on. Back To Work features Rasco (of Cali Agents), Luckyiam (of Living Legends) and Detroit standout Phat Kat. It’s true. New Debaser. Suck it.

Nov. 1st Sapient: Famine Friends – Sapient’s upcoming solo album and just one more reason why he is the most prolific hip-hop act coming out of the Northwest. With 3 music videos accompanying the album, Famine Friends proves that Sape lives by his promise to “Make More”.

3 Free Albums

Sapient: Famine Friends
  Released 11/1/09


Making good on his promise to ”make more”, Sapient unleashes his 4th solo album in under one year with Famine Friends. This FREE album is entirely produced by Sapient himself and puts his consistency as an emcee and producer on full display. Originally posted here.

Debaser: Back To Work
  Released 10/1/09


Back to Work is the first installment in a two-album marathon by the massively popular group Debaser (Ethic & Sapient). This FREE download features Rasco (of Cali Agents), Luckyiam (of Living Legends) and Detroit standout Phat Kat. Originally posted here.

Sapient: Make Morphine – The Remixes
  Released 9/1/09


Make Morphine takes Sape’s wildly popular and entirely self-produced album Make More in a totally new direction. With a different producer on each track, this remix album satiates the curiosity of “what would Sapient sound like over other people’s beats”? The enlisted help of some of the Northwest’s finest producers (also NY and CA) makes this FREE download a unique and diverse project! Originally posted here.

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