Goldini Bagwell – ‘Feeling Good’

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Click here to peep the first single from Goldini’s new album, Secondhand Smoke (The Extended Cut), out June 24th on Heaven Noise Recordings.

Goldini Bagwell – ‘Secondhand Smoke (IG88 Remix)’


Download the free remix at Heaven Noise Recordings.

Sandpeople coming to Europe!

Gold – ‘Chainsmoke’ Available Now!

Debut Album from Sandpeople member Goldini Bagwell. Produced by Pmpee Beats from Lahti, Finland. Features from illmaculate, IAME, OnlyOne, Reva Devito, John Craig, Epp, (of TxE), Destro Destructo (of Oldominion) & DJ Spark.

Available now at!

First leak off of Gold’s Chainsmoke album ‘Bagwell’


The 1st leak from the album “Chainsmoke” entitled “Bagwell” Produced by Pmpee Beats.
Chainsmoke will be available physically and digitally Nov. 29th.

Check out Goldini Bagwell on the Skrill Walton Tour Nov. 7th – Nov. 16th.
More info @

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Goldini Bagwell’s Debut Solo Album ‘Chainsmoke’

Album will be available @ itunes, CD Baby and other digital retailers on Nov. 29th. Production duties handled by Pmpee Beats from Lahti, Finland (except where noted).

1. intro (unfiltered)
2. Bagwell
3. Lets Grow
4. Tenure (feat. IAME)
5. Wmn Vs. Wrk
6. More than High (feat. OnlyOne & illmaculate)
7. Chainsmoke (feat. John Craig)
8. Speed of Life
9. Words to Live By (feat. illmaculate)
10. For Nothing (feat. Reva Devito)
11. No Sucka Revisited (feat. Epp, Destro Destructo & illmaculate)
12. Prelude to AU (Aye You)
13. Outro (Exhale)
14. Bagwell (DaiN Remix)

You can catch Goldini Bagwell On the Skrill Walton Tour w/ illmaculate & Thesaurus from Nov. 7th – Nov. 16th. More info at

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A Day at the Studio

YouTube Preview Image

Featuring Illmaculate, Gold, Al-One, & OnlyOne.

Taco Neck – Tutorial(instrumentals)

The homie Pegee13(of Oldominion) is finishing up work on his band Taco Neck’s EP. The EP features guest spots from IAMe, Gold, Josh Martinez, and many others. He recently released the instrumentals for the project with the hopes it sways your purchasing decision when the EP drops. You can go download them for free over at his blog, Taco Neck Chronicles.

Sandpeople interview with Planet Urban

PlanetUrban has posted up an interview covering topics from battling to the creative process of a 10 member group;

ILLmaculate and TheSaurus are both battle tested emcees, do you guys ever battle or spar amongst each other?

OnlyOne: I have battled IAME and M-OB, also Sape and Illmaculate in a two on two against Al-One and I. We got crushed.”

The OnlyOne & Al-One vs. Sapient & Illmac battle is one of the greatest things I have filmed that you will probably never see, I’m going to have to write about it sometime. You can read the rest of the interview with Planet Urban here.

BHH interviews Sandpeople just posted up an interview they did with IAMe, Gold, and Ethic. Topics inlude the groups origin, childhoods, Portland’s hiphop scene, and of course, starwars;

“Wookieepedia, the online Star Wars encyclopedia, describes Sand People as “a culture of nomadic, primitive sentients… often hostile to local settlers” does that sum you guys up or can you give us a better definition?

IAME: Thats pretty on point.

Gold: What is Star Wars?

Ethic: Someone really created something called Wookieepedia? But, yea, the definition is suitable.”

You can read the rest here.

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