IAMe ‘Show’s Over Now’ Behind-The-Scenes

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Better late than never? This is some footage of everyone wasting time instead of listening to director Christian Hansen. The end product came out really good so here it is again in case you’ve been sleepin';

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IAMe launches HeavenNoise.com

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IAMe talks about charting the CMJ’s, thanks his fans, and tells you about his new website, which you can now view here. He even has a free song for download produced by Smoke of Oldominion!

That shit looks fresh!!

IAMe is #3 on CMJ Hip-Hop Chart!

Applaud this man! This week’s CMJ charts have him at #3 just behind Mos Def and Eyedea & Abilities. He even jumped from 7th to 3rd since last week!

You can view the chart here.

Buy IAMe‘s “I Am My Enemy” album & T-shirts at our online shop, or cop the mp3’s from CDBaby.

RVAmag.com reviews I Am My Enemy

Here’s what they had to say;

“Oregon native IAME(I-am-me) has no problem confronting and questioning his role in society and constantly challenging it. On his sophomore album I Am My Enemy he gets personal. Confronting the generalities in Hip Hop that too many people think make you “real” such as bling, Escalades and proper gear, IAME examines his place with in the music industry and his community. This becomes apparent on such tracks as “Unlikely Candidate”. Speaking about Portland, where he lives, “Home to fake gangsters/and real hoodlums/who look at me like I ain’t shit cause I ain’t got no jewels or rings/but skip the superficial shit/just let the music spin/this user friendly way I speak truth has got them tuning in”. More then just a treatise on the superficialities of Hip Hop, the song speaks about Portland’s history citing a situation not unlike the Katrina disaster in New Orleans which happened in 1943 at Van Port City, Oregon.

I Am My Enemy will keep your body moving and your head bangin’. You’ll gain a little knowledge with each nod.

-Christian Hendrickson”

You can check out RVA’s site here. You can purchase IAMe albums and t-shirts in our online store.

IAMe in-store & release party

In celebration of IAMe’s release of his new solo album titled “I Am My Enemy”, he’ll be doing an all-ages in-store at Someone Clothing. The in-store is July 23rd(tomorrow!) at 2718 SW Kelly Ave in Portland, OR.

Also, don’t forget to make it out for his album release party with Awol One at Rotture the same night. 10 bucks, 21+. 315 SE 3rd Ave.

IAMe LocalCut Write-up

Willamette Week’s LocalCut has a nice write-up on IAMe and his new album, “I Am My Enemy”. Some good information for those of you that don’t know much about him;

“It’s funny, because for a while I thought that was how to be cool,” he admits. “To have shit. But hip-hop was something that opened my mind to different people’s living situations.” As soon as he landed his driver’s license, he was out of the ’burbs and into Portland, investigating the city’s decidedly un-bling hip-hop scene. But McMahon, who had shown an interest in writing from a young age, didn’t just want to listen. “It definitely wasn’t my destiny to be a fucking singer,” he says, his rigid brow softening as he laughs. “Hip-hop was something I could actually do”

Read the article in its entirety here.

Come out to his album release party tomorrow night with AWOL-One, Onry Ozzborn, and Josh Martinez at Rotture. 315 SE 3rd AVE. Doors at 9 pm. $10 ages 21+

I Am My Enemy available now!

I Am My Enemy is available today! Listen to snippets and cop it here!

IAMe – 'Show's Over Now' music video!

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Video for IAMe’s first single. I Am My Enemy out July 21st!!

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