IAME – Felt So Real + Today music video

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IAME – “Lame”

IAME – ‘Lame’ (Single)

First leak & title track off of IAME’s upcoming album (dropping May 31st), produced by Smoke M2D6.  Peep the exclusive cover art by Asaan ‘Swamburger’ Brooks (Solillaquists of Sound).  The track is free but if you want to donate a dollar, check out the “Lame” kickstarter campaign here.

Catch IAME on tour with Sapient starting this week!

New Sapient & Iame Tour Dates!

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We out here.. soon to be out there.

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Make sure you cop the album for free over at HeavenNoise.com

IAME – ‘LIGHTFIGHTER’ Free Album Download

LIGHTFIGHTER is a collection of previously unreleased songs and instrumentals from around 2006, featuring Reva Devito, DJ Delay, and production by IAME, SmokeM2D6, Sapient, $imple, and Zebulon Dak. LIGHTFIGHTER is 16 tracks of quality music and is FREE for your listening pleasure. Don’t sleep and download this album now at www.heavennoise.com

Track list:
1. LIGHTFIGHTER Intro (Produced by Zebulon Dak)
2. Demons Behind the Music (Produced by SmokeM2D6)
3. Here to Stay (Produced by SmokeM2D6)
4. Robo Sheen Instrumental (Produced by IAME)
5. Very Hip Hop feat. Reva Devito & DJ Delay (Produced by SmokeM2D6)
6. They Don’t Care (Produced by Sapient)
7. Spinal Tat Instrumental (Produced by $imple)
8. Momentary Forever (Produced by IAME)
9. Flood of Random (Produced by IAME & $imple)
10. Call the Handyman Instrumental (Produced by $imple)
11. The Memo (Produced by IAME)
12. Let’s Go Out (Produced by IAME & Zebulon Dak)
13. Desperate Times Instrumental (Produced by IAME)
14. Donation Basket (Produced by IAME)
15. True Story (Produced by SmokeM2D6)
16. Speed of Light Instrumental (Produced by $imple)

IAME – “Here To Stay” posted at 2dopeboyz!

A second song has leaked off of IAME’s ‘LIGHTFIGHTER’ album. You can download it and leave your comments now over at 2dopeboyz!

IAME – “They Don’t Care” Produced by Sapient

“This track was made in 2006, amidst rising gas prices and an Iraq occupancy via the ever-so-fun Bush administration. New Orleans was still dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and Al Gore was spreading his wisdom about the climate crisis. Here in Portland, there were slightly less hipsters, and a slightly worse meth epidemic.. although, like Sapient once said, “hipsters and fiends share the same dress code” so it’s kind of hard to know for sure. Nowadays, we still have troops in Iraq, the Gulf of Mexico is dealing with a whole new mess, and there is still a meth epidemic, high gas prices, and Al Gore.. So take a relatively short trip in my time machine and enjoy.”


IAME – “They Don’t Care”

“LIGHTFIGHTER” drops for FREE on August 2nd. Get more free IAME music at www.heavennoise.com


IAME has been grinding non-stop in the lab since releasing I Am My Enemy last year. Along with recent additions to Xperience’s “William the VIII” and Pegee13’s upcoming “Taco Neck – Tutorial”, he is in the midst of working on 3 new solo albums, the first of which will be “Lame” and is set to release sometime this winter (official date TBA). In the meantime, he is dropping “LIGHTFIGHTER,” a collection of previously unreleased tracks from around 2006 with production by Simple, Smoke, Sapient, and IAME. “LIGHTFIGHTER” will be available to download for FREE on August 2nd. We will be leaking a couple tracks in advance leading up to August 2nd so stay tuned and make sure to check out IAME’s site www.heavennoise.com

Taco Neck – Tutorial(instrumentals)

The homie Pegee13(of Oldominion) is finishing up work on his band Taco Neck’s EP. The EP features guest spots from IAMe, Gold, Josh Martinez, and many others. He recently released the instrumentals for the project with the hopes it sways your purchasing decision when the EP drops. You can go download them for free over at his blog, Taco Neck Chronicles.

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