OnlyOne – Ebonics Freestyle

OnlyOne – Ebonics Freestyle

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OnlyOne ft. Chase Moore – ‘Muck’ Produced by Yuen

OnlyOne ft. Chase Moore – ‘Muck’

More from the man that brought you CHRON! This is from OnlyOne’s upcoming EP fully produced by Furtado Yuen. You can check out more from Yuen here.

UPDATE: Now that we are getting closer to releasing the EP, we have posted the final version of ‘Muck’! Be sure to like Only’s facebook artist page as well!

Illmaculate – Chalk It Up(Free PC Platinum)

From illmac;

“9DM recently said on wax “PC get’s released turn that shit into a holiday…” Well… In honor of the homie PC Platinum getting released, after a 2 yr bid, this is OUR gift to you. A song originally intended for illmaculate’s “Skrill Talk” Album, will now feature on the “Skrill Walton ep” ( comprised of songs that would be on “Skrill Talk” if making 25 song albums was good business). Enjoy this newly declared holiday and celebrate with your people… after showing them this track of course.”

Illmaculate – Chalk It Up(Free PC Platinum) Prod. by Chase Moore

Al-One ft. OnlyOne – “Talk of the Town”

Al-One ft. OnlyOne – “Talk of the Town”

Exclusive leak off Al-One’s upcoming ‘Talk of the Town’ album. Make sure you support Al and purchase his single off the album, “Can’t Stop” ft. Freeway & DJ Wicked.

And don’t forget to come catch The One and Only(Al-One & OnlyOne) perform at the Lazy Sunday event on November 14th!

Sapient – Universal Diorama

First single off of Sapient’s ‘Barrels for Feathers’ album. Video coming soon!

Sapient – “Universal Diorama”

IAME – “Here To Stay” posted at 2dopeboyz!

A second song has leaked off of IAME’s ‘LIGHTFIGHTER’ album. You can download it and leave your comments now over at 2dopeboyz!

Long Story, Short… Available now!

The EP has landed, and if you’re sleepin’ and don’t have a copy in your hands/hard drive, the following links can alleviate that issue;

Amazon(physical copy)

If you’re in the greater Portland area, you can walk into the following stores and pick up a copy;

Everyday Music
Music Millenium

Finally, don’t forget it’s Sandpeople Leak Week over at Local Cut. Yesterday was a cut off IAME’s upcoming ‘I Am My Enemy‘ album(peep here) and today is a cut off the upcoming Sapient album ‘Make More‘, which you can listen to here.

Bonus: The homie Pegee13 from Oldominion just leaked another IAMe track as well, you can cop it from his Taco Neck Chronicles blog here.

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