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“With the success and acclaim of their recently released EP, Long Story, Short…, still bubbling, Portland’s Sandpeople continue working, and have now released the EP’s first official video, “Hate Aside.” After teasing us with behind the scenes footage some time ago, the video brings the EP’s lead single to life, weaving the tale of a mystery package, passed from one crew member to the next, interspersed with shots of the crew doing what they do best – rapping their asses off. Sandpeople’s latest release, the Long Story, Short… EP is available now via Sandpeople Music.”

You can read the rest here.

Also, Sandpeople’s “Hate Aside” video is currently number 4 in the top 10 videos on MTVu! Check that out here. (scroll down the left side)

Hate Aside Video on mtvU!

Directed by Christian Hansen. You can vote it into regular rotation here. Cast as many votes as you want(150 or so per day should be fine) from now through Friday. Let’s get this shit on tv!


Odds and Ends

Tigard Times has a nice article on IAMe and his freshly released album ‘I Am My Enemy’ that you can peep here.

Hot Indie News has the song ‘Dapper Mob’ off the “Long Story, Short…” EP available for streaming. The song is accompanied by a short writeup with a quip from Sapient. Check it here.

And finally, ESPN has used Sandpeople music in their online video for the X-games Skate Street gold medal winner. I’d embed it but it’s not allowed, so go ahead and watch it here.

‘Hate Aside’ Behind-The-Scenes

YouTube Preview Image

The video for ‘Hate Aside’ was shot over a weekend a couple months back with Seattle director Christian Hansen. This is just some of the footage from that day. Make sure you watch it all the way through for some good outtakes from the crew, bung!

‘Make More’ and ‘Long Story, Short…’ Reviews

The reviews have started popping up on the internets. If you want to read through them you can click the following links;

Sapient – ‘Make More';
Portland Mercury

Willamette Week
Daily Vanguard

Sandpeople – ‘Long Story, Short…’ EP
Rap Reviews (The person they refer to as Lame is actually IAMe)
Potholes In My Blog
My Life My HipHop
Crappy Indie Music (hard to translate, but seems favorable)

Sandpeople – "Strands" featured on

Head over to and scroll down to the “Bangers” section to listen to/comment on “Strands” off the newly released Long, Story… Short EP. Bung!

Long Story, Short… Available now!

The EP has landed, and if you’re sleepin’ and don’t have a copy in your hands/hard drive, the following links can alleviate that issue;

Amazon(physical copy)

If you’re in the greater Portland area, you can walk into the following stores and pick up a copy;

Everyday Music
Music Millenium

Finally, don’t forget it’s Sandpeople Leak Week over at Local Cut. Yesterday was a cut off IAME’s upcoming ‘I Am My Enemy‘ album(peep here) and today is a cut off the upcoming Sapient album ‘Make More‘, which you can listen to here.

Bonus: The homie Pegee13 from Oldominion just leaked another IAMe track as well, you can cop it from his Taco Neck Chronicles blog here.

The Smoking Section writes about Sandpeople

Major shouts to Prop Jay over @ The Smoking Section. Here’s part of what he had to say;

““Hate Aside” is a perfect example of this smooth sound that this conglomerate brings. Once the hook hits it’s end-game from there on. Truthfully, Sapient’s speaker rattling thumps had me at hello but if you were not hooked early by the thumping bass, the powerful melody of the piano that shines during the chorus should help to clinch the Sandpeople a spot on your HD.”

You can read the rest over here.

2dopeboyz & Sandpeople!

Shake over at 2dopeboyz posted up a couple leaks off the upcoming Long Story, Short… EP. Here’s what he had to say;

“I have a feeling the majority of the dopehouse followers have been sleeping on the 10 man collective that makes up the Portland based group, Sandpeople. Some might have heard of a few of the memebers though. If you follow the rap battle scene, it’s possible ILLmaculate or TheSaurus might ring a bell. Either way, it’s time to fully wake up! May 26th… the crew will be dropping their new EP, Long Story, Short…, and I’ve included the lead single.”

While TheSaurus isn’t in the crew, he’s definitely the homie. Shout out to 2dopeboyz and the rest of the New Music Cartel. You can view Shake’s post with the leaks here.

Listen to the single 'Hate Aside' now!!

Stream it from hiphopdx. Video coming soon!

Preorder the Long Story, Short… EP HERE!

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