OnlyOne ft. Illmaculate – ‘Mario Bros.’

OnlyOne ft. Illmaculate – Mario Bros.

OnlyOne’s Cult Classic mixtape is out now!

OnlyOne – Crack A Bottle(Over Your Face)

OnlyOne – Crack A Bottle(Over Your Face)

Only’s ‘Cult Classic’ mixtape is coming soon!

Goldini Bagwell’s Debut Solo Album ‘Chainsmoke’

Album will be available @ itunes, CD Baby and other digital retailers on Nov. 29th. Production duties handled by Pmpee Beats from Lahti, Finland (except where noted).

1. intro (unfiltered)
2. Bagwell
3. Lets Grow
4. Tenure (feat. IAME)
5. Wmn Vs. Wrk
6. More than High (feat. OnlyOne & illmaculate)
7. Chainsmoke (feat. John Craig)
8. Speed of Life
9. Words to Live By (feat. illmaculate)
10. For Nothing (feat. Reva Devito)
11. No Sucka Revisited (feat. Epp, Destro Destructo & illmaculate)
12. Prelude to AU (Aye You)
13. Outro (Exhale)
14. Bagwell (DaiN Remix)

You can catch Goldini Bagwell On the Skrill Walton Tour w/ illmaculate & Thesaurus from Nov. 7th – Nov. 16th. More info at

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OnlyOne – Ebonics Freestyle

OnlyOne – Ebonics Freestyle

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Sandpeople Music Presents OnlyOne Available Now!

OnlyOne has just released a 7-track EP along with all the instrumentals. This project bangs from front to back with features including Chase Moore, DJ Spark, and others.

The EP is currently available to purchase on iTunes and CDbaby!

UPDATE: iTunes posted the wrong price, it will be corrected to be $10 next week!

OnlyOne – ‘Duet’ video & EP release date

YouTube Preview Image

We’ve locked in the date for the Furtado Yuen produced EP ‘Sandpeople Music presents OnlyOne’. July 29th is when the EP along with all it’s instrumentals will be available on iTunes and CDbaby for 10 bucks. While the above song won’t be making the EP(it was just recorded last weekend!) it is Furtado Yuen produced and serves as a little taste of what to expect. Cover art & tracklist below;

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OnlyOne ft. Chase Moore – ‘Muck’ Produced by Yuen

OnlyOne ft. Chase Moore – ‘Muck’

More from the man that brought you CHRON! This is from OnlyOne’s upcoming EP fully produced by Furtado Yuen. You can check out more from Yuen here.

UPDATE: Now that we are getting closer to releasing the EP, we have posted the final version of ‘Muck’! Be sure to like Only’s facebook artist page as well!

Bridge City Battle V

This is gonna be a big one! Mark your calendars.

A Day at the Studio

YouTube Preview Image

Featuring Illmaculate, Gold, Al-One, & OnlyOne.

OnlyOne vs. Cadalak Ron

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