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CHRON Cover & Tracklist



CHRON will be available for purchase December 17th!

First leak from OnlyOne & Lawz Spoken’s “Chron”

Lawz Spoken & OnlyOne – “Heads up”

Chron is a collaborative project between producer Lawz Spoken & OnlyOne dropping on Dec. 17th. Shouts out to!

Al-One ft. OnlyOne – “Talk of the Town”

Al-One ft. OnlyOne – “Talk of the Town”

Exclusive leak off Al-One’s upcoming ‘Talk of the Town’ album. Make sure you support Al and purchase his single off the album, “Can’t Stop” ft. Freeway & DJ Wicked.

And don’t forget to come catch The One and Only(Al-One & OnlyOne) perform at the Lazy Sunday event on November 14th!

Lazy Sunday Nov. 14th!!

OnlyOne performing solo on Sunday, the 13th

Come out and see a rare solo performance as Only headlines at Satyricon. If you’re in or around Portland, you don’t want to miss this!

OnlyOne vs H-Bomb


YouTube Preview Image

Free Album: Sapient – Famine Friends

Famine Friends is Sapient’s response to the “famine” occurring in the field of indie music – his response is naturally a flood of content. Upholding his promise to “make more”, Sape brings you another album, showcasing his uncanny consistency as an emcee and producer, in hopes to raise the standard of DIY music…if diamonds were free, why pay for garbage? Produced entirely by Sapient, and accompanied by three music videos, Famine Friends is a FREE gift to the heads, and a “fuck you” to the majors.
Check out the Famine Friends page here, or hit the button below for the direct download.

Famine Friends also has a couple music videos supporting it’s release;
YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

What other crew gave you 3 free albums this year? If you’d like to help support the movement take some time and browse our online store or look us up on iTunes!

Sandpeople interview with Planet Urban

PlanetUrban has posted up an interview covering topics from battling to the creative process of a 10 member group;

ILLmaculate and TheSaurus are both battle tested emcees, do you guys ever battle or spar amongst each other?

OnlyOne: I have battled IAME and M-OB, also Sape and Illmaculate in a two on two against Al-One and I. We got crushed.”

The OnlyOne & Al-One vs. Sapient & Illmac battle is one of the greatest things I have filmed that you will probably never see, I’m going to have to write about it sometime. You can read the rest of the interview with Planet Urban here.

Grindtime Lazy Sunday Cypher

YouTube Preview Image

This was shot right after we finished a Grindtime battle event at 360vinyl in downtown Portland. Illmaculate and OnlyOne are the last two artists to spit verses if your antsy to skip ahead.

You can cop Illmaculate & OnlyOne’s Police Brutality here.

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