AboveGround Magazine lets YOU review ‘Peerless’

From AboveGroundMagazine.com;

“After our interview with Debaser, Sapient let us know that he wasn’t too thrilled with our review of their album. Rather than just telling him tough luck and moving on, we decided, why not make it interesting?

We agreed to let you, our readers, get a sneak peak at the new Debaser album, in it’s entirety, and give it your own grade. We rated this album a 13.00 out of a possible 20.00, a decent grade, but Sape thinks they deserve better.

Now it’s your turn. Take a listen, and let us know how you rank Peerless (out of a possible 20.00 total). Our score won’t change, but we still want to know how you feel. Oh yeah, and there might even be some prizes for those who participate.”

What are you waiting for? Go post your review!

AboveGround Magazine interviews Debaser

Debaser recently took some time away from crushing everything to answer some questions from the AboveGround folks. Topics of converstation include Sandpeople, who they consider peers, and of course… groupies;

AG: If one of the Sandpeople members was going to make the mistake of sleeping with this Kat Stacks mess, who would it be?

Sapient & Ethic: Mo-b”

Can I third that? You can read the rest here.

Debaser Album “Peerless” Available Now!

Debaser - Peerless

Debaser is a simmered down version of the Northwest-based crew Sandpeople.  The two-man group is anchored by the rising starSapient, who along with being the founder of SP’s cutting edge sound has also produced tracks that feature the likes of Slug(Atmosphere), Aesop RockInspectah Deck (Wu-tang) and many more.

In 2006, Debaser released their debut album titled Crown Control.  The project quickly spread via word-of-mouth promotion and has secured itself as one of Sandpeople’s most successful albums to date.

Peerless is the latest effort by the hardworking pair with features from some of indie hip-hop’s most household names like The Grouch(Living Legends), Cage (Def Jux) & Eyedea (Rhymesayers).  Debaser’s new album Peerless is now available everywhere, including a special iTunes version that comes with a 14-page digital booklet & bonus track featuring Eligh (Living Legends)!

Don’t miss out on the brand new album by one of the Pacific Northwest’s finest!  More info @ Sapientkills.com

Peerless – Track List
1.     Curseless Gift
2.     Enough
3.     Peerless
4.     Tree of Life
5.     Spider in the Sheets
6.     Pedestals (feat. Cage)
7.     Nola (inst.)
8.     Quitters
9.     My Brain
10.   Don’t Sleep (feat. The Grouch)
11.   Bang Like This (inst.)
12.   Results
13.   Purest Disgust (feat. Eyedea)
14.   High Priceless

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